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Media Relations

Media relations is a highly important part of public relations. It includes improving your business’ brand visibility, your media planning, and releasing and distributing press releases or pitching journalists with stories.

Our experts can provide an excellent media relations service that meets your business’ needs and goals, perfectly.

In today’s world, the PR industry has moved from a singular approach of media relations and publicity campaigns. It no encompasses a wider focus on paid, earned, shared and owned content. One of the core functions of present-day public relations is achieving this essential earned content for clients.

Our experts have the knowledge, the experience and resource to provide the media relations services that gives your business the recognition as the expert in your industry.

Our media relations services support your business’ goals. Media exposure creates not only value for your business, but also recognition for your products and services.

A media relations strategy is the planned deployment of activities, content and resources involveing journalists and media outlets, to tell an organisation’s story. It is the process of coming up with a message and disseminating it to the right media sources – clearly both online and offline – to reach the target market. A strong media relations strategy will ensure that your message will get across to the right media and audience.

In today’s rapidly changing environment legacy mainstream journalism is challenged by the rise of individual operators on Twitter and other social media-driven platforms. Equally, post-Covid-19, mainstream media have themselves been forced to adapt to unprecedented changes both in the way they operate and in the way readers and consumers respond to them.

Effective media strategies need to adapt to this new media context and be able to exploit what are fast-evolving developments.

Unlike paid-for advertising or other elements of marketing, media relations can be entirely focused upon achieving positive third-party endorsements from influential journalists and trusted media outlets.

The most successful media relations strategies are rooted in the development of genuinely newsworthy stories and effective editorial engagement. And while debates rage within the PR industry on how to measure the value to a client of a media relations campaign, the true value of earned media comes from the editorial integrity that is associated with an independent journalist or publication endorsing a client’s service, product or brand values.

01 FAQ Who needs media relations?

All organisations need effective media relations sooner or later, depending on their industry, type of activities and other considerations. Media relations can help increase an organisation’s visibility, provide useful information to the public, help promote its message and values and / or help ameliorate a potential reputation issue. A positive relationship with journalists can also help organisations consolidate their image as industry experts.

02 FAQ How is pricing determined?

The scope of our activities and their price depends on your needs and the effects you want to achieve. Media relations can mean both one-off actions as well as long-term, strategy-based campaigns. Each offer and valuation is prepared individually, after careful consideration. We work transparently and seek client approval for any budgets prior to starting work.

03 FAQ For how long does a media relations campaign run?

There is no standard response here. The duration of a media relations campaign can depend on numerous factors. What needs to be communicated? What are the objectives? Who is the target audience? What is the allocated budget etc. But one thing is clear: we do aim for quick success as well as for sustainable impact.

03 FAQ Does media relations make sense if I conduct paid marketing activities?

Definitely, yes. Media relations activities can support your marketing and sales objectives or perform a completely different function and, for example, strengthen the position of experts by arranging their interviews or comments. It is also often the case that the effect of media relations are publications for which you would have to pay a lot of money through marketing and, after a long-term action, the journalists come to you with a request for a comment themselves.

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