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Market Research

Understanding the market, the clients, and the audiences is pivotal to the success of any business. Whether it’s scrutinising competitors, getting to know audiences, monitoring progress, or staying ahead of trends, market research will empower companies with the knowledge they need to make successful business decisions or fuel effective content strategies.

The success of any business relies on their understanding of the market, the clients, and the audiences. Market research includes analysing competitors, learning about your audience, keeping a check on progress and staying ahead of current trends.

We offer full market research services. Our expert team can assist you and your business, ensuring our excellent research delivers on your objectives. Market research is a valuable tool and uses the insight gained from studies to tell your story resonates with both your current customers and your potential customers. It is also provides a better understanding of market trends, along with what your potential customers want and need. Market research includes everything from gathering the information, making sense of it and providing functional and actionable insights based on the information to achieve your business’ goals. Our experts can provide valuable market research for both consumer and B2B companies.

In short, everybody who is involved in bringing products or services to market and require an understanding of what may be some of the best approaches to do so. This includes organisations and individuals in the public or third sectors who are seeking to understand their user base or to secure funding for projects.

Market research has traditionally been a function of the marketing department, in partnership with market research consultants or market research agencies, but this is now changing. Forward-thinking companies understand the importance of market research and how the insight gained can benefit the whole organisation. In these companies, research and insight is typically a collaborative cross-functional process, driven from board level, and involving people from across the business.

Market research is important at every stages of the PR process.

Before the project: This stage is often neglected, but using market research to inform the development of the PR brief will help you understand your target audience, the competitive landscape, and the dynamics of the industry. It will also help you to build credibility with stakeholders and may help to get the project signed off.

PR planning: Use market research to investigate areas of interest, consumer trends and hot topics and create a compelling story. Conducting surveys with consumers, or other end-user groups can give you great statistics to build your campaign around.

During a campaign: To track the impact of the campaign and make adjustments if needed.

After the campaign: To evaluate the success of the project, understand any issues and look at how to improve for future work.

01 FAQ How important is market research on new business ideas?

Market research is essential. Innovators are often very close to the ideas that they are developing and an objective view that is rooted in reality is invaluable for helping to prioritise and invest in only the most attractive and viable ideas.

02 FAQ How is market research pricing determined?

Market research is an investment, but it can be surprisingly affordable. Give us a call and we can discuss options that will meet both your requirements and your budget.

03 FAQ What sort of actions will Market Research help me to take?

Market research gives you the evidence you need to support decision making at all levels of your business. Whether you need to prioritise the best new product concepts, understand what keeps your target market up at night, or just get a steer on the sort of language your customers use around a particular topic, market research can deliver.

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